Even Distribution of Tire Wear

No matter how often you have your tires aligned and rotated, you will never have even tire wear unless you rotate them regularly. Your tires wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle. Every time you turn the wheel, your front tires wear a tiny bit on the outside edge owing to the way the tire leans or the camber. Therefore, the sides of the front tires wear unevenly from their center and also from the rear tires.

If you do not rotate your tires, you will never get the expected mileage because the front tires will need to be replaced thousands of miles sooner than necessary. Regular tire rotation increases the life of the tires, gives a smoother ride, and boosts fuel economy. Uneven tire wear increases vibrations of the frame and suspension, causing other components to also wear out faster. It is recommended to rotate your tires each time you change your oil, but do not go any longer than 6,000 miles and remember if your vehicle is a 4-wheel drive, the tires should be rotated more frequently.

Tire maintenance is extremely important because more things are riding on your tires than you know. For more information, contact the Trotter Toyota repair and parts department in Pine Bluff, AR!

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