New Toyota Yaris Looks After Driver Vision

There aren't too many popular and stylish subcompact vehicles that boast wide ranging safety features, but the new Toyota Yaris is just such a vehicle. This sporty subcompact provides drivers and passengers with a number of safety and durability enhancing features that include Toyota Care as well as specialized wipers.

Drivers who select the Toyota car as their next vehicle will likely get to enjoy special Toyota Care service. This special program provides Yaris owners with durability enhancing goodies such as comprehensive factory maintenance overhauls every two years, 24 hour roadside help, and much more.

The new Yaris also provides drivers and passengers with many hands-on safety tools. One such tool is the Yaris rain sensing wiper system. Drivers who need to constantly adjust their wipers during inclement weather may be taking extra risks as they fight to clear their windshields. The new Yaris eliminates this hazard by seamlessly tuning wiper speed to the quantity of rain that strikes the windscreen, thus providing drivers with superior rain clearance and visual clarity.



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