Reading Tire Information

Tires sold in the US, have valuable information printed on the sidewalls. A typical tire marking might be 225/55 R 17. Reading these markings yields the below-listed information.

  • R indicates that the tire is a radial tire with a distinctive construction.
  • 225 is the tire tread width listed in millimeters- 225 mm.
  • 17 represents the tire diameter and the size of the wheel required to hold it in place on the vehicle.
  • 55 is the aspect ratio, a figure that shows the height of the sidewall relative to the width of the tread.

Local drivers can find other helpful data on the tire such as the maximum load, the speed rating, and maximum pressure. At Trotter Toyota, we have many tire models and types from which to choose. We can help find tires that meet your requirements and preferences. Please call or drop by our location today.



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