Explore the Toyota RAV4 Tech Features

Entertainment technology rules the dash of the new Toyota RAV4 from Trotter Toyota. With the top Entune system, you can even rewind live radio. This exclusive feature is found only on a Toyota.

Cache radio can save up to 15 minutes of a broadcast. The driver requests a rewind and can hear a favorite song again. You could also use it to replay the weather, a news item or a Pine Bluff, AR traffic update. Your Entune system can put a number of apps at your fingertips, including Pandora and Aha. Toyota has made it easy for you to find your favorite music via Bluetooth streaming audio or HD Radio. iTunes tagging helps you remember the new songs you enjoyed.

For those on the go, the 2018 Toyota RAV4 is a good pick at Trotter Toyota. Entertaining, it offers the spaciousness and utility you expect.