Stay Focused in the 2018 Toyota 86

The 2018 Toyota 86 is designed with the driver's comfort and focus in mind. It combines the best features of modern vehicles and classic racing cars into one unique build. With numerous features within arm's reach, you can take full control of your car while staying focused on the road ahead.

The instrument panel in the 86 is very unique. It has traditional gauges and toggle-style switches. However, a modern informational screen is seamlessly integrated into this design. The panel provides you with important performance metrics so that you can adapt your driving style accordingly. The sports car utilizes Push Button Start and a key fob. There are also modern controls built into the leather-wrapped steering wheel for adjusting the music and navigational system.

We invite you to visit us at Trotter Toyota. You can take a seat in 2018 Toyota 86's cockpit to see the focused design in person and take it for a test spin.



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