What is horsepower?

Do you want horsepower that packs a punch when you accelerate in your sports, muscle car, or truck? Here at Trotter Toyota, we can help you find the proper amount of horsepower for your driving style. Most people choose their car based on the amount of horsepower packed in the engine. You can choose from several engines types including the most popular V-6 and V-8 engine. Most race cars depend on the amount of horsepower that's in their vehicle to help them win their race. Horsepower is also good for long distance trips because it helps you gain traction on the road.

The term horsepower comes from engineer James Watts. During the early stages of his steam engine promotion, he knew he would need a slogan. His love for watching ponies later encouraged him to use the term horsepower to describe the force behind his new steam engine vehicles.

Come see all your horsepower options in our new and used vehicles here at Trotter Toyota today.

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