Every 3,000 Miles or More (or Less)? It Depends!


Cars are not as standardized as they used to be. This means that a greater variety is available for purchase, but it also means that the steadfast rules of car maintenance may no longer apply. For example, the old classic rule, 'change your oil every 3,000 miles' doesn't apply anymore.

Differences in car manufacturing and technology mean that most vehicles can go much further without needing an oil change. Huge increases in motor technology, such as synthetic oil and chemistry improvements mean that engines have become more efficient. We can help you determine when your specific vehicle needs maintenance, and many cars have lights or other built in technology to alert you. Sticking to the 3,000 mile rule is expensive; why pay for maintenance that you don't need?

There is not one hard-and-fast rule when it comes to oil changes. Each make and model varies, and the conditions under which it is driven also matter. Freeway driving has a different effect on the engine than stop-and-go city driving. When in doubt, check with your owner's manual or come see us at Trotter Toyota for any and all vehicular concerns.

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