Highlighting Exterior Design Features of the Toyota Camry

No collection of popular midsize sedans would be complete without the Toyota Camry. Here at Trotter Toyota, we are proud to include it in our lineup of midsize sedans. With an innovative, sleek design, the Camry is sure to be an instant hit that makes a lasting impression.

The front grille of the Camry is designed to make a bold statement, and it pulls it off to perfection. The angular lines and aggressive style of the grille draws the eye along the distinctive mesh insert towards the smooth lines that run alongside the exterior of the vehicle. With both safety and functionality in mind, the Camry's LED headlights not only make a visual impact on observers, the built-in Daytime Running Lights system increases the practicality of an already efficient and innovative system.

Want to get a closer look at the Toyota Camry? If so, then come on down to our showroom, which is located in Pine Bluff, and our friendly staff will gladly set up a test drive for you.




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