Toyota among Top Ten for Fortune Magazine's "Change the World" List

There are many global issues that can only be tackled with the support of innovators. As such, Toyota is stepping up to the plate to help attain a brighter future. Its commitment to addressing pressing matters such as CO2 emissions produced by the use of fossil fuels is one way it demonstrates its role in ushering a greener future. This transition to ethically-responsible practices is the reason the brand was named by Fortune Magazine as one of top 10 companies trying to "Change the World" for the better.


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So how does Toyota plan to achieve its goal of reducing carbon footprint? One way is by modifying its production strategy. A good example is the new Toyota Mirai. This hydrogen fuel-cell car is cleaner than ever before. By developing more models based on such a platform, the company hopes to provide eco-conscious consumers like you more alternatives to the standard gasoline-powered platform.

Additionally, the company is taking steps to make its operation more sustainable as well. Its most recent Texas headquarters is proof. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this architecture features more than 20 thousand solar panels, giving it the capacity to run on renewable energy. Its landscaping is also a reflection of the natural habitat of the region and helps to resist drought. In this way, Toyota champions an environmentally-friendly attitude.

What does this mean for Trotter Toyota customers around Pine Bluff, Arkansas? That you can look forward to more green-car options in the future. Excited? We know we are!

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