Drive safely this winter with the proper wiper blades

One of the biggest risks with winter driving is visibility, and the kind of wiper blades you have and their quality can play a role. Here are some things to consider about wiper blades in the winter.

Snow and ice can accumulate quickly on your windshield, making driving difficult. Also, regular wipers can't move snow and ice off the glass as easily as they do rain. Also, regular wipers can encounter other problems, such as the rubber freezing and cracking in the low temperatures. The solution to these problems is to swap out your regular wiper blades with winter wiper blades.

Winter wiper blades are sturdier, so they do a better job of pushing away ice and snow. They also are encased in thicker rubber, which prevents ice buildup and also protects them from the cold.

To get winter windshield wipers installed on your vehicle, come see us at Trotter Toyota.

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