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Stylish 2018 Toyota Camry Gets Class-Leading Efficiency and Power

The days where the Camry was a comfortable, first-rate family sedan are over. These days, its considered more fun to drive than ever before. But the 2018 Toyota Camry will bring these checked boxes to new heights. All-new suspension, engines, transmission, and a clean-sheet design that’s both easy on the eyes and the proverbial scale all come together in a family car that’s efficient and fun.

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Why the 2018 Toyota C-HR is a Crossover That Thinks It’s a Performance Concept

Chief Engineer Hiroyuki Koba says when people ask whether the 2018 Toyota C-HR is a concept car, he knows "we've achieved something truly innovative." Drop by our Pine Bluff showroom, and you may be asking the same thing.

The C-HR is not a concept—it's Toyota's newest production crossover. In fact, it's surprisingly affordable, starting at only $22,500 MSRP.

What makes it seem like a concept is the fusion of its boundary-pushing design, and Nürburgring-tuned performance. Its sports-coupe-inspired exterior is complemented by an array of daring colors, particularly the exclusive R-Code colors with contrasting…

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Keep Up on Those Car Washes

You need to get your car's oil changed regularly and keep up on its seemingly endless maintenance, but what about car washes? It may seem like a car wash is not as important as an oil change, or getting your tires rotated, but it's every bit as important and will preserve the life of your car's exterior.
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Road Trip Ideas For Summer

What are your road trip plans for this summer? It's always fun to plan a road trip. There are many destinations within driving range regardless of where you live. Here are some possibilities for your next outing.
  1. You can visit a State Park. There are many of these across the country. You probably won't have to travel more than 2-3 hours to get to one. These types of parks are plentiful in nature and education. It's a great family trip.
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Preparing a Basic Roadside Emergency Kit

Once you get behind the wheel in your car, you face an enormous amount of road hazards. The best defense is to prepare a roadside emergency kit for such situations. Imagine that you run out of gas or get a flat tire in the middle of the night. It's cold, and your cell phone does not have a signal. Would you have gotten prepared for such a situation?...

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Road Safety Tips for Drivers

It is important to prepare for any type of emergency on the open road. Certainly, you are a driver that drives attentively and responsibly. You keep your eyes on the road and watch out for unsafe drivers that don't follow the rules. However, road emergencies happen. Your car breaks down, and you need help. Before you see us at Trotter Toyota in Pine Bluff, AR, for any repairs you might need, a roadside emergency kit just might get you out of a dangerous situation out on the highway or expressway. Read the following for more tips...

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Take Your 4Runner on the Scenic Route

Interstates are great for when you need to get somewhere, and city driving isn’t exactly relaxing, and the weekends are a chance to take the long way and drive through the natural beauty this state has to offer, and since you’re driving a Toyota 4Runner, you have the power, capability, and comfort to go anywhere so why not take Scenic Route 7 right through the middle of the state this weekend? 

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Does My Motor Need Conventional Or Synthetic Oil?

Regular oil changes are important to prevent against sludge build-up that could lead to expensive repairs. Motor oil is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of all the moving parts inside your vehicle's motor. In addition, oil provides a necessary cooling and cleansing effect.
A dealership can install two types of oil. These include synthetic and conventional. Conventional oil is made from base oils. Synthetic motor oil is composed of laboratory-made oils making it more expensive.
A quick peak in your owner's manual will reveal which type of oil you should be using.
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Categories: Lists Best Qualities of Refreshed 2017 Toyota Highlander

No bones about it: Toyota's delivered a doozy of a utility vehicle with its fresh-faced, full-size offering, the 2017 Highlander. You can go ahead and color us here at Trotter Toyota impressed.

Might it elicit a similar reaction from you?

Here now to help you make that determination is personality Mark Williams; join him in the clip below for his review of the Highlander:

Shoppers seeking a slightly more upmarket feel from the Highlander are bound to get just that with its range-topping trim, the Limited Platinum.

Standard equipment on this model includes unique 19-inch wheels ...

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